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Research Projects: Disability and Participation



Fear of falling-induced activity restriction and physical deconditioning: potential pathway to disability in older persons with diabetes

Employment and disability benefits in Canada: Envisioning best practices for people with mental illness as they enter the system



Using eHealth to enhance the participation of adults with subjective cognitive decline: a pilot feasibility study

Enhancing Community Participation in Canadians with Physical Disabilities: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Partnered Strategy



Participation in daily life situations as a key health outcome in children with neurodisability: Developing a measurement protocol for community therapy services



  • Participatory approaches to researching stigma and intellectual disabilities in the Congo.
  • Community-based Participatory Research in Health Equity and Inclusive Education Systems for Persons with Disabilities and their Families in West Africa.
  • Redefining the Social Contract: Rebalancing Formal and Natural Support for People with Disabilities and their Families.
  • Inclusive Education for Youth with Disabilities in Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa: A Participatory Action Research Study.
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities to promote better employment among youth with disabilities in Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan.
  • Building innovative, community-driven solutions for people with disabilities.
  • Community Resources to Support Inclusion in Gondar, Ethiopia.



  • Diversifying Human Health Resources
  • The Caring Campus: An intervention project
  • Evaluation of the ASK training programming
  • Evaluating the strengths model of case management for people with severe mental issues: a Multi-province study



Development and preliminary evaluation of The Integrated Parkinson’s disease Care Network: An integrated care model to address complex care in a chronic condition.

Accommodation quality and Academic Success of Students with Disabilities in Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions: Current Practices, Barriers, and Challenges.