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Repository of Occupational Therapy Interventions in Correctional Settings

Occupational therapy is an expanding profession within the Canadian correctional system. As the profession continues to grow within this field, improved access to evidence to support their practice is needed.

Evidence-based guidance for occupational therapy interventions in correctional settings is limited, including limited availability of and access to peer-reviewed literature. In collaboration with occupational therapists from Correctional Service Canada and students at Queen’s University, researchers in the School or Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s have created a searchable list of publications that relate to occupational therapy and correctional settings.

This website includes a database of literature on interventions that fall within the scope of occupational therapy along with summaries of literature on specific topics. The evidence contained in the database is comprised of worldwide-published studies that are available in English.
Within this website we strive to use inclusive language to refer to individuals who have been incarcerated. However, this may not be reflected in all database resources. We retained original language during data abstraction to avoid altering the meaning of findings.

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