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Our Research

Primary care and community rehabilitation

Description: A significant focus of research in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy is on the issues of people with disabilities in a variety of community health setting, especially primary care and community rehabilitation. This research theme spans topics such as:

  • Long-term health issues of people with disabilities
  • Self-management strategies for disability and secondary conditions
  • Models of rehabilitation in primary care and community health
  • Inter-professional practice in primary care and community rehabilitation.

To date, there has been a particular focus on neurological conditions, such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and stroke, chronic disease and pain.

Movement, Mobility and Physical Activity

Description: A fundamental focus of Rehabilitation science is building knowledge of how people move and keep moving throughout their lives. Our programs of research help advance understanding of the influence of development, health, illness and injury on the control, learning, recovery and integration of goal-directed movement in meaningful functional activities across the lifespan. Current emphases include the development of strategies to optimize functional mobility and promote physical activity in the context of ageing, musculoskeletal, neurological, medical, pain-related, metabolic, and neurodevelopmental conditions. Outcomes of research are also used to inform diagnosis and prevention of injury. This work utilizes state-of-the-art movement science and exercise lab-based facilities; as well as strong partnerships with hospital and community-based researchers, clinicians and other knowledge users.

Disability and Participation

Description: Worldwide, people with disability are at high risk for experiencing exclusion from the important opportunities, roles and activities that are fundamental to prosperity, health and well-being and full citizenship. Our programs of research are focused on understanding the forces that operate to create and sustain this marginalization, the strengths of people with disabilities and the capacities and opportunities within the broader communities in which people live. Our work seeks to inform, develop or critique interventions that promote full community participation, and to use advocacy and participatory engagement to influence policy and practice.

Emerging Themes

Emerging theme includes knowledge translation and knowledge translation research, education and professional development research, research about child health, and other projects