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Research Projects: Emerging Themes

Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Translation Research

The effect of a pre-dialytic low-intensity exercise program on health outcomes of elderly hemodialysis patients

Not Deciding Alone

Education and professional development research

endMS National Education and Training Programs: Summer School and SPRINT

  • Ontario Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Bridging Program: Program Evaluation
  • Exploring Physiotherapy Graduates' Career Decisions: To what Extent do Clinical Placement Experiences Contribute to Graduates Decisions about Employment?
  • Using the CanMEDS Framework to Design an Interprofessional Model for Continuing health Education
  • Competency based medical education implementation: How are we shifting assessment culture? Part 3

Child health

  • Health Outcomes of Children with Medical Complexity and their Caregivers
  • Functional recovery in critically ill children
  • Coached, Coordinated, Enhanced Neonatal Transition (CCENT): A multi-centre mixed-methods pragmatic randomized controlled trial
  • Comparing the Complex Care for Kids Ontario (CCKO) Province-Wide Integrated Care Intervention for Children with Medical Complexity (CMC) to Waitlist Controls using a Patient-Engaged Evaluation Framework and Mixed Method Design


  • Families matter: A partnership of partners to study, serve, and support the families of military, Veterans, and public safety personnel. 2021-2024. SSHRC. Principal Investigator.
  • HomeBase: Enhancing mental wellness in public safety personnel families. 2020-2023. CIHR Team Grant. Nominated Principal Applicant.
  • Expediting Research to Practice during COVID-19: Optimizing Family Well-Being of Emergency Responder Personnel. 2020-2021. SSHRC. Principal Investigator.
  • Military and Veteran Families affected by Suicidality: A Global Alliance Study. 2020-2021. The Centre of Excellence on PTSD and Other Related Mental Health Conditions. Principal Investigator.

QOL Story Study

Caring for the next generation of care providers: building capacity for narrative competence

Identifying research priorities around psycho-cognitive and social factors for recovery from hip fractures: An international decision-making process.

  • Enabling immigrants accessing health services
  • Mental Health Literacy Education Program for Youth Immigrants
  • Accessing Community Help for Immigrants: Empowerment, Voice & Enablement (ACHIEVE program)
  • Developmental outcomes of preterm infants enrolled in a parent administered intervention.
  • A nipple monitoring device for the evaluation of breast/bottle feeding skills in critical infants.
  • Feeding method and impact on health and quality of life in at-risk infants.
  • Resilience Among multiple sclerosis Care-partners over Time (ReACT).
  • CARE-CO: Co-creating a wellness research agenda for caregivers of persons with disabilities.