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Frequently asked questions about School positions

How physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the Kingston area and Queen's community contribute to on- campus education for students in the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Programs

What is an "Academic Assistant"?

An "Academic Assistant" is a title used within Queen's University Human Resources to describe a staff appointment that typically provides "academic assistance in support of [a specified course]... duties may include some or all of the following: marking, leading tutorials, demonstrating in student laboratories or providing curriculum development support." It involves a contract and remuneration.

What is a "Term Adjunct"?

A "Term Adjunct" is a title at Queen's University to describe a limited-term faculty appointment of one academic term to three years duration with appropriate rank and a limited range of academic responsibilities. Term adjuncts are responsible for design and coordination of all or part of a course and for determining the method(s) of student evaluation. That is to say, a Term Adjunct has responsibility for an entire course, or a major component thereof. It involves a contract and remuneration and membership in the Queen's University Faculty Association.

What is an "Adjunct 1" appointment?

An "Adjunct 1" appointment is an academic staff appointment (not a faculty appointment) at Queen's University that involves no contract and no remuneration: i.e., an honorary appointment. In the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, we offer Adjunct 1 appointments to physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are involved in student supervision and evaluation in clinical facilities, and research collaborators working with our faculty on active studies. Adjunct 1 appointments are effective July 1 - June 30 and must be renewed on an annual basis.

What is a "Guest Lecturer"?

In the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, we use "Guest Lecturer" for all external contributors to academic courses that are short-term and/or irregular and therefore not well suited to the contract structures of an Academic Assistant or Term Adjunct appointment. Payment is on an hourly basis.

What can I put on my curriculum vitae about my affiliation with the School of Rehabilitation Therapy?

You should use any of the appointment descriptors that apply to you - Academic Assistant, Term Adjunct, Adjunct 1, Guest Lecturer - while being careful to identify time periods correctly. If you are submitting your curriculum vitae as part of an application for a position at Queen's, any errors on your curriculum vitae about past roles at Queen's may be detected and referred back for you to correct.

Why are some contract positions called "Term Adjunct" and others called "Academic Assistant"?

Beginning in 2010 we will use the Academic Assistant category for individuals who assist with clinical skills teaching because it is a better fit for the contract positions that involve being part of a team of instructors to deliver clinical skills education, principally (although not necessarily exclusively) in laboratory sessions. The School of Rehabilitation Therapy will continue to engage physiotherapists in the category of Term Adjunct when the teaching work involves designing all, or at least a major part, of an academic course. We acknowledge that registered physiotherapists who hold Independent Practice Certificates do not consider themselves "assistant" as clinicians so we wish to emphasize that it is only in academia that we consider your role as an "assisting"-type role. By using the University's standard terminology, we maintain clarity and transparency in communications with Human Resources, Financial Services and other units within the University.

Could I be a "Term Adjunct" and an "Academic Assistant"? Could I hold more than one "Academic Assistant" contract at the same time?

Yes. For example, you may have a major role in a course in one term for which you hold a Term Adjunct appointment, and then a lesser role in another course in the same or the next term for which you hold an Academic Assistant appointment. Therefore, please do not hesitate to apply for posted positions if they interest you. We would be happy to sort out any questions that may arise in the context of multiple and/or sequential contracts for any individuals.

What is the difference in rate of pay between "Term Adjunct" and "Academic Assistant"?

Term Adjuncts are governed by the Collective Agreement between the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) and Queen’s University, therefore they are paid based on years of experience teaching at Queen’s University. Academic Assistants are governed by the Collective Agreement between Queen’s University and the United Steel Workers (USW) and paid on an hourly basis. The School of Rehabilitation Therapy makes an effort to keep the hourly rates as close as possible to those governed by QUFA and the union that governs teaching assistants (PSAC).

Do "Academic Assistants" have the same Queen's Library access as those in "Term Adjunct" roles?

Yes. Academic Assistants are members of staff. Library access is provided to all faculty, staff and students of Queen's University.

Why do we have to pay for access to the Queen's Athletics and Recreation Centre when we did not have to pay to access the Physical Education Centre? Is this related to the transition to creating "Academic Assistant" positions?

No, it has nothing at all to do with the transition to having contracts as Academic Assistants. The new Queen's Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC) is charging membership for everyone. That means that all full-time and part-time faculty and staff are now all being charged for ARC membership, if they wish to have it. Students are also being charged for membership although they pay it as part of their mandatory activity fees rather than individually.