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How Do We Know What’s Right & What to Do When We “Can’t” Do It?

Moral distress has been the focus of Dr. Tracy Trothen’s research since the early 1990s, when her mentor Dr. George Webster introduced her to the topic. Moral distress occurs when one’s core values are compromised and this can lead to moral residue (accumulated left-over moral distress). Dr. Trothen has recently co-authored an article on the harmful effects that moral distress can have on healthcare practitioners with conscientious objections.

Malcom Peat Lectureship Video

The Malcolm Peat Lectureship took place at Queen’s on October 10, 2019.
Dr. Rachel Thibeault discussed her work using CBR principles to support refugees in Ottawa.
A link to her presentation is available here:

The ICACBR would welcome suggestions for the October 2020 invited lecturer, suggestions can be emailed to Heather Aldersey at

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