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Clinical Instructors


Clinical Instructors

Offering a Placement

If you are interested in becoming a Queen’s MScPT Program clinical site and offering clinical placement to our MScPT students (and we hope you are!), please complete the following steps:

  1. Please complete the Clinical Site Information Questionnaire.
  2. Return the completed Clinical Site Information Questionnaire to the Clinical Education Assistant, Kathy Grant (grantk@queensuca) or fax to 613-533-6776 att: Kathy Grant. In this document you will identify:
    1. A physical therapy contact person for your site [known as the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE)]
    2. The CCCE’s email contact, phone number, fax number
    3. Other information about the nature of your facility and practice
  3. Once the MScPT program receives your sites contact information , you will receive an Affiliation Agreement and insurance details between Queen’s and your clinical site which you will need to sign and return to Kathy Grant (either email or fax: 613-533-6776).
    This is a standard agreement which all our clinical sites sign and outlines basic student supervision and facility resources requirements.
    Kathy Grant will provide you with this document and will answer any questions.
  4. The Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education/designate will complete a site visit or electronically provide you with an MScPT Clinical Education Orientation information and answer any questions.
  5. Once the affiliation agreement is signed, your CCCE physical therapist’s contact name and email address will be added to our Queen’s MScPT Clinical Sites email list.
  6. Once your CCCE’s contact information is added to our Queen’s MScPT Clinical Sites email list, the CCCE will receive email information from the MScPT clinical education program related to:
    1. Requests for clinical placement offers ( requests sent 2 times+ per year in June and Dec)
    2. Notification of MScPT clinical education opportunities (noon time sessions, ½ day workshops, webinars and/or conferences).
    3. Changes to the MScPT Program which may impact our clinical education partners
      NOTE: the CCCE can distribute information received from the MScPT program to other physical therapists at the facility.
  7. If you would like to offer a placement, please complete the placement offer sheet (which will be attached to the placement request email), describe the placement and send this offer back to the MScPT Program, Clinical Education Assistant, Kathy Grant, 
  8. Each site has the choice of offering or not offering a placement during each time period (e.g. Some sites offer a placement once every two years, while others offer 2-3 placements per year... based on a sites therapy staff, available space, preference for students, holidays etc.)

If you have any questions please contact:
Melanie Law or Randy Booth
Academic Clinical Coordinator of Education (ACCEs)
Master of Physical Therapy
School of Physical Therapy

Clinical Education Webinars

Professional development webinars for instructors



Clinical Instructor (CI) Duties **

Student Duties



-CI reviews and discusses with student objectives / learning style.

-Reviewfire/safety/emergency protocol for site/specific treatment area(s), etc.

-Identify site educational opportunities & learning resources for student

-General student orientation to site

Prior to 1st day:

-Send Letter of Introduction

-Provide Medical & Non-medical documentation; complete orientation

1st day:

-Professionally dressed

-Reviews learning goals with CI

-Remind CI that student will be tracking hours/percent of caseload for body systems during the placement (for CI to submit at final ACP)

Week 1-7 of Placement


1. Ongoing EPA Evaluations


-EPA Evaluations accessed through Elentra

-Provides verbal & written feedback

-Continue to initiate EPA evaluations (3 of each of the 10 EPAs at a minimum).  ~6 per week

2. Student Presentation


-CI books date, time and room; provides feedback to student regarding presentation

−Student selects topic by midterm; presentation (often during last week)

Last Week of Placement


2. EPA and ACP Formal Final Evaluation


-Provides verbal and written feedback to student using ACP through HSPnet;

-Record information about percent of caseload in each area of practice, setting, and other demographic information for the placement Submits completed ACP

electronically through HSPnet


-30 EPAs (3 of each of the 10 EPAs) completed

-Provides written self-evaluation using the ACP through HSPnet.

-Student able to access ACP document, CI evaluation and comments online through HSPnet


-Student tracks and confirms completion of 3 of each of the 10 EPAs (30) at the expected level of performance.

3. Site & CI Evaluation


After reviewing NACEP student evaluation of placement with Student, CI evaluation.

Student’s complete on-line and reviews with CI.

Submits on-line;

** College of Physiotherapist of Ontario requires CI’s to follow the following guidelines when supervising MPT students:

  1. Based on the CI’s assessment of the student’s knowledge, skill, behaviors and clinical reasoning, the CI will assign duties which are appropriate to the student’s clinical abilities.

  2. Ensure the student is assigned tasks & supervised at a level consistent with the student’s clinical abilities, minimizing any potential risk of harm to the patient, ensuring safe/effective pt. care.

  3. Ensure informed consent is obtained from a patient prior to involving a student in patient care

Queen’s Physical Therapy MScPT Student Academic Preparation for Clinical Placements.
Physical Therapy Students must complete five clinical placements, each 7 weeks long, with 1/2 a day a week in Academic Half Days.

Academics in Advance of Clinical Placements


The purpose of this profile questionnaire is to provide information on physical environment, type of clinical experience, staffing and numbers of students that may be accommodated by your facility. The information is required for site approval by the university, by students as they request their placement facilities, and for accreditation purposes. Please complete a separate profile for each site.

Download questionnaire »