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Dr. Jordan Miller BSc, MSc, PhD
Dr. Jordan  Miller
Associate Professor
Associate Scientist, Health Policy and Research Institute
Director, IMPPaCT Research
Contact Information
Louise D. Acton Bldg., Room 233
Internal telephone extension: 36710


My research focuses on reducing pain-related disability through development, evaluation, and implementation of new approaches for pain management in primary care.

My research aligns with the following three research themes:   

1) Evaluating new models of primary care to improve pain management 

An example of research in this area is a CIHR funded project aimed at evaluating the impact of integrating physiotherapists at the first point of contact within primary care teams for people with back pain.

2) Developing and evaluating complex interventions to better support people living with pain

An example of research in this area is a CIHR funded project aimed at evaluating the process of implementing the combination of self-management support and opioid de-prescribing in primary care. This research will also evaluate the experiences and outcomes of participants.

3) Education and knowledge translation to improve pain management

An example of research in this area is a CIHR funded integrated knowledge translation project aimed at creating novel educational assessment tools, identifying effective components of pain education, and developing an implementation plan for improving pain education in entry-level physiotherapy programs across Canada.  

For a more complete description of current research, please visit our website:

For a current list of publications, please visit my Google Scholar profile: Jordan Miller



I teach in the Physical Therapy program and supervise students across the Rehabilitation Science, Aging and Health, and Rehabilitation and Health Leadership programs. My approach to education is based on my belief that student centered learning and a student-teacher relationship in which students and teachers are equal partners facilitates adult learning. I view teaching in physical therapy, rehabilitation science, aging and health, and rehabilitation and health leadership as a multi-faceted practice that actively engages both learners and teachers working towards shared goals of improved knowledge, skills, attitudes, critical thinking abilities, and evidence-based reasoning. I have been honored to receive a couple of awards acknowledging excellence in education: award winning education approach (2019 Health Science Education Award; 2021 Blue Star Award for Teaching Excellence)

Students and Post-doctoral Fellows:

Abey Abebe - PhD student, Rehabilitation Science

Mulugeta Chala – PhD student, Rehabilitation Science (co-supervisor: C. Donnelly)

Greg Cutforth – DSc student, Rehabilitation and Health Leadership (co-supervisor: C. Donnelly)

Nicholas Held – Post-doctoral Fellow (co-supervisor: H. Cramm)

Emily Hladkowicz – PhD student, Aging and Health

Goris Nazari – Post-doctoral Fellow (co-supervisor: D. Pedlar)

Katie Poser – PhD student in Rehabilitation Science

Kyle Vader – PhD student in Rehabilitation Science

Sintayehu Wami – PhD student in Rehabilitation Science


For a description of the amazing research being done by our team, please visit our website:


Accepting applications for MSc and PhD students for a September, 2022 start.