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Dr. Sandra Olney B.Sc (P&OT); M.Ed; PhD
Dr. Sandra  Olney
Professor Emerita
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Dr. Olney is a Professor Emeritus and is not accepting graduate students. She is available for advisory committees. Her research has focused on the biomechanics of body movement and its rehabilitation and she has published a widely-used textbook chapter on gait (below). A leading expert in the analysis of normal and abnormal gait, she published the first comprehensive analyses of the kinetics of stroke gait. She has led randomized controlled trials of treatment methods in stroke and completed a study of the effects of strengthening and conditioning programs. Recent investigations included identification of the physical and psychosocial factors contributing to the symptom complex of knee osteoarthritis and the effects of conditioning exercise on this subject group. She is a Certified Executive Coach with special training in leadership, and is available for consultation to faculty, staff and students in this capacity.


Dr. Olney's main teaching has been in Biomechanics and Research Methods at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Book Chapters:

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Journal Articles in Refereed Journal (selected):

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