Clinical Education - Physical Therapy

Welcome to Queen's Physical Therapy Clinical Education! The overall aim of physical therapy clinical education is to provide students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours with professional practice.

You will be completing 1125-1200 hours of clinical placement taking place during 5 placements over the course of the 2 year program. The related courses are as follows:

Clinical Placements Dates 2017- 2018

First Year
PT 881 January 8th - February 23rd, 2018
PT 882 June 4th - July 20th, 2017 or July 23rd - Aug 31st, 2018

Second Year
PT 883 November 6th - December 22nd, 2017
PT 884 March 5th - April 20th, 2018
PT 885

April 23rd - June 1st, 2018

In addition, you will be participating in mandatory Clinical Education Preparatory classes prior to placement.

Clinical placements are organized by the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I complete all of my placements in Kingston?

Due to the limited number of placements in Kingston, it is very unlikely that all of your placements will occur in Kingston. We have a wonderful catchment area offering excellent learning opportunities in smaller communities and encourage students to explore these sites.

2. How are the clinical placements arranged?

Placement opportunities are posted on our password protected website the Clinical Placement Express (CPX). For each clinical placement, students can indicate their preferences (up to 5 placements) within the Queen's catchment area. The ACCE matches the student to the site.

Students wanting to go out of catchment apply through the ACCE.

Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario placements are arranged through the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) Rehabilitation Studies Stream These are funded placements and travel and accommodation is provided. There is limited availability and priority is given to those students who are from Northern Ontario, however all are welcome to apply.

3. What happens if I don't get one of my preferred placements?

You are required to accept any of the five choices you have made on CPX. If you do not receive any of your top 5 choices you will work with the ACCE until you are matched with a clinical placement.

4. How do I arrange a placement out of Ontario?

Students wanting to go out of catchment apply through the ACCE.

5. Can I contact a site to arrange a placement?

Under NO circumstances are you to contact a clinical site, or physiotherapist directly. This is a Canada wide policy and any attempt at direct contact with a site will jeopardize your clinical placement opportunities.  Please contact the ACCE and we will work with you to get an appropriate placement.

6. Is financial support available?

Students are responsible for the costs associated with clinical placements. There may be additional funding available through MTCU funds or through a Queen's Fieldwork Bursary.