Homecoming 2017

Karin Distinguished Alumni Award (Occupational Therapy): Janet Craik - OT Class of 1989

Janet Craik, MSc., OT. Reg. (Ont.) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy from Queen's University and a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Toronto. She is a subject matter expert in occupational therapy with over 25 publications, including first-authored, peer reviewed papers; book chapters and invited guest editorials. She is a frequent lecturer and invited speaker to many university and college programs; and has extensive experience presenting at regional, national and international conferences.

Her progressive involvement as an occupational therapist includes many years as a front-line practitioner, manager, author and educator. She has a deep passion for advancing access to vital occupational therapy services within health and social care settings. In her current role as Executive Director for the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, she is the voice of occupational therapy at the national level (government, national associations and private sector). She keeps her eye on national public and private sector policy developments in health and social services, human resources developments and analyzes their impact on market trends and opportunities for occupational therapists. She is known for her collaborations with intra and interprofessional groups to advocate for health and social systems reform. She has experience in government relations and public policy, including presenting to Members of Parliament, senior bureaucrats, and has received special invites to national round tables and public forums.

Recent honours and appointments include adjunct professor in the School of Occupational Therapy, Dalhousie University; the American Occupational Therapy Foundation Certificate of Appreciation and the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy Editorial Board. 


Lynne Distinguished Alumni Award (Physical Therapy): Cathie MacLeod - PT Class of 1970 (Diploma) & 1981 (BSc)

Cathie has focused her entire career in the area of clinical and functional orthopaedics. In 1973-74, she embraced the Norwegian biomechanical approach to Manual Therapy in Oslo, Norway and also studied the British and Australian methods extensively. In 1977, Cathie was chosen as one of the first Ontario-based instructors to teach post graduate manual therapy courses within the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division, and continued to do so until 1990. Her commitment to learning led her to numerous osteopathic, cranial sacral, acupuncture, biomechanical, functional anatomy, myofascial and laser courses in order to provide treatment options for those suffering acute or chronic orthopaedic and pain conditions.

Cathie established Physiotherapy Kingston in 1987, and in 2009 it became Physiotherapy Kingston and Spinal Rehab Centre. In 2015 her clinic was one of three privately owned locations in the Kingston area chosen by the Ministry of Health to provide government sponsored physiotherapy care. She has mentored physiotherapy students in the past, and since 2014, Family Medicine residents have been coming to her clinic to learn how orthopaedic physiotherapists assess conditions and provide treatments.


Monica Maly Distinguished Alumni Award (Rehabilitation Science): Ellen MacEachen - RHBS Class of 1993

Ellen MacEachen, PhD, is an associate professor and associate director with the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo. She holds a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from Queen's University and a completed a PhD in Public Health at the University of Toronto. She is co-founder of the Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy and past president of the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health. She sits on the Academic Council of the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences and is an Associate Editor with the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation.

MacEachen’s sociologically oriented research focuses on the relationship between work and health. She examines the design of occupational health and vocational rehabilitation systems and how they can be adapted to suit changing work and demographic realities. Her forthcoming edited book, “The Science and Politics of Work Disability Policy”, addresses social, political and political economic contexts driving state work disability policy reform in sixteen countries. MacEachen has a special interest in vulnerable workers and the growth of precarious employment conditions. In her research, she works closely with community partners and policy makers to ensure research relevance and to improve research impact.