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Policy on the Use of the Mechanical Lift in Room 021

Approved by Academic Council: October 17, 2013

Effective Date: October 17, 2013 

There is a mechanical lift installed in Room 021 of the Louise D. Acton building. The mechanical lift offers students an opportunity to learn about and practice with equipment that they may encounter in a practice setting. It is important that users of the mechanical lift are safe so that learning opportunities are maximized. Safety requires attention to the use, care and maintenance of the mechanical lift. For the purpose of this policy mechanical lift will refer to all of the following: the ceiling track, lift device, slings and lift reacher.

This policy applies to faculty, students, teaching assistants (TAs), academic assistants (AAs), volunteers and others who are involved in the use of the mechanical lift.

  1. The mechanical lift and all mechanical lifting equipment parts (e.g., slings, track) will be maintained consistent with the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Only approved slings will be used with the mechanical lifting device; the slings are only to be used with the ceiling track.
  3. Students must be line-of-sight supervised by a faculty member or an appropriately trained paid designate (e.g., TA, AA) at all times when the mechanical lift is in use, including during and outside of class time.
  4. A student may, at any time, refuse to act as a demonstration patient for the mechanical lift.
  5. Third parties who rent Room 021 for continuing professional development workshops must demonstrate safe and competent use of the mechanical lift and produce proof of liability insurance if they wish to use this equipment in their teaching.
  1. The lifting device, slings and lift hook will be kept in a secure area of the School and available to Staff/Faculty for sign-out for the purpose of student learning in LDA 021
  2. Faculty, TAs and AAs are expected to review the manufactures owner's manual prior to instructing students about the use of the mechanical lift. The manual is available here: P-440 User Manual WGS 21DEC2010.pdf
  3. Faculty are responsible for ensuring that TAs and AAs are able to safely use the mechanical lift prior to instructing and supervising students
  4. Faculty, TAs and AAs are responsible for ensuring that students have been provided with instruction to safely use the mechanical lift.
  5. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have completed the requisite readings and preparatory learning prior to using the mechanical lift.
  6. All users of the mechanical lift are responsible for identifying and intervening in potentially unsafe situations.
  7. Any injury related to the mechanical lift use must be reported immediately to the SRT Safety Officer.