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Clinical Education Team Webinars

February 28, 2019

Documenting Placement Experiences.

Melanie Law
School of Rehabilitation Therapy


September 27, 2018

Clinical Education, Accommodation and Human Rights.

Erin Clow and Jean Pfleiderer
Advisors, Human Rights and Equity Office


April 20, 2018

Everything you wanted to know about the Queen's OT & PT programs.

Catherine Donnelly,
Randy Booth,


February 22, 2018

Understanding The Unique Health Needs of Military, Veterans, and Families

Presenter: Heidi Cramm,


October 26, 2017

Mental Health in Clinical Placements

Presenter: Jennifer Dods,
Executive Director, Student Wellness Services


April 27, 2017

Clinical Reasoning in Clinical Education

Presenters: Susanne Murphy and Will Karelsen 


February 23, 2017

A Culture of Reason: Supporting Clinical Reasoning in Clinical Education

Presenter: Catherine Donnelly

December 15, 2016

Everyone Has a Heart and Lungs. Thinking about your everyday PT Practice.

Presenter: Diana Hopkins-Rosseel