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Forms and Manuals

PT and OT students participating in interprofessional case study discussion. From left to right: Jared Maynard, Patricia Knobl, Nathanael Tsang, Karen O'Neil, Prof. Randy Booth, Leirick Chung. © Queen's University


In this section you will find program specific information that will assist you to support the occupational therapy and/or physical therapy students that will complete a placement at your site.

Each program section contains detailed information about:

  • Program curriculum
  • Clinical education/fieldwork curriculum
  • Roles and responsibilities of the clinical education/fieldwork stakeholders
  • Policies related to clinical education/fieldwork
  • Academic regulations
  • Student assessment
  • Resources for clinical instructors/preceptors and students

NOTE: Please be advised that every effort is made to ensure that the information is up-to-date, complete and accurate; however, where University and/or School policy is concerned the student/preceptor is advised that official University, School of Graduate Studies and/or School of Rehabilitation Therapy Policy shall prevail over the manuals.