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The Physical Therapy Clinic at Queen’s is excited to announce a recent expansion into new services!

New Services Available at Queen’s Physical Therapy Clinic

The Physical Therapy Clinic at Queen’s is excited to announce a recent expansion into new services!

The Clinic, located centrally to the University and hospital districts, has served the community since 1997. Due to its unique affiliation with Queen’s and the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, patients of the Clinic are able to access a team of registered therapists who are working at the cutting edge of evidence based practice. Further, due to its physical location, the Clinic is well positioned to serve a broad variety of patients seeking assessment and treatment, both from the University and Kingston communities.

Given that the Clinic is open to the public as well as the University community, it caters to a diverse clientele. With this in mind, “we are always looking for ways to ensure our services meet the evolving needs of the communities we support,” comments Clinic Manager, Michael Ranger. As a result, in addition to orthopedic physiotherapy, shockwave therapy and registered massage therapy, the Clinic recently decided to broaden its offerings to include neurological rehabilitation therapy and chiropractic services.

The neurological rehabilitation services are provided by Ashley Woodroffe, MScPT. These services are suited for those with congenital, acquired, progressive or non-progressive conditions. Individuals who may benefit include those with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, acquired brain injuries, or those who have suffered a stroke.

Dr. Jeremie Tremblay, B.HK, DipAc, DC, is providing the chiropractic services. Generally speaking, chiropractic care involves manual adjustment of the vertebrae of the spine, and soft tissue release techniques to help relieve pain and restore function. Dr. Tremblay is also able to prescribe therapeutic exercise, provide nutritional counselling and implement injury and rehabilitation strategies.

“These new services signal the beginning of an important phase of innovation for the Clinic,” says Ranger. In addition, broadened services provide new opportunities in terms of clinical placements for Queen’s Rehabilitation Therapy students, a central tenet of the Clinic’s unique mission. “This is an exciting time for the Clinic,” adds Ranger, “we hope you will stay tuned as we continue to grow and evolve!”

To learn more about the Physical Therapy Clinic at Queen’s University, please visit: or call: 613.533.2098.

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