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Disability & Wellness in the Community Research Space Room Booking Policy


The research space in Room 035 was created for the explicit use of researchers in the Disability & Wellness in the Community Research group in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy (SRT). Membership in this group is understood to include any researcher in the SRT who conducts research that:

  1. Is relevant to community participation and rehabilitation of people with disabilities, and
  2. Does not require large technical devices equipment or measurement of impairment level variables.

Booking of the space gives priority to researchers from within the SRT, and is exclusive to research activities. "Research activities" may be broadly understood to include: data collection (typically via interviews, focus group interviews, phone interviews, testing, or activity observation); research meetings (e.g. research planning and monitoring, data analysis); non-participant research activities (e.g. preparing mail outs, conducting and managing literature reviews); and supervision and examination of Rehabilitation Science graduate students. Due to the premium on space that exists on the Queen's University campus, it is desirable to have the space well utilized. In this spirit, it is understood that the space may be booked for other scholarly activities, such as research activities engaged in by scholars from outside the SRT, or research symposia. The space is not available for teaching activities due to the need to maintain privacy and a quiet environment. 

Priority of Research Space Booking

  1. Researchers and research assistants engaged in research activities, exclusive of student supervision.
  2. Researchers engaging in supervision of research students.
  3. Researchers from other parts of the Queen's community.

Booking Procedures:

  1. All requests should be entered in writing in the room booking binder in the SRT main office, or by writing to Cancellations should be communicated to the SRT office in a timely manner.
  2. Higher priority bookings may over?ride lower level bookings with 3 days' notice provided.
  3. Space not in use within 10 minutes of the reserved time may be used by individuals or groups who meet the criteria indicated above.