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Funding Information

The basic funding package is comprised of external awards, internal awards, teaching and research assistantship and incremental growth funding. The School of Rehabilitation therapy offers the following minimum funding packages:

  • M.Sc.: Variable; $7,500 guaranteed.
  • Ph.D.: minimum $18,000, most students receive between $20,000 and $25,000.

Queen's University Internal Awards: Incoming students whose program applications are received by the February deadline and who have been accepted to the program by June each year will be considered for several awards adjudicated by Queen's University. The value of these awards ranges between $10,000 and $15,000 per year. One Graduate Entrance Tuition Award, equivalent to the cost of domestic tuition, is also awarded annually. Continuing students who have applied to external funding agencies will also be considered for internal awards.

School of Rehabilitation Therapy Awards: The Tracey Gourlay Memorial Scholarship ($500) is awarded annually to a student in the Rehabilitation Science Program who has demonstrated contributions to enhancing the quality of the RHBS student experience. The Gwen Keough Memorial Scholarships ($4,000 or more) is awarded annually to either MSc or PhD students in the Rehabilitation Science program, who demonstrate solid academic potential and who do not have any other substantive award funding. This scholarship may also be split between two students.

External Awards: Students are encouraged to apply for funding from one of the three major granting institutions: NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR, as well as from the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies (OGS) and other related associations depending on their area of study. Recipients of federal government tri-council awards are often provided with additional funding from Queen's and from the School of Rehabilitation Therapy.

More information on internal and external awards is available through the School of Graduate Studies  

Conference Travel Awards: The Rehabilitation Science program is allocated funding from the School of Graduate Studies to support graduate student travel to present their work at academic conferences. The Graduate Program Committee within the Rehabilitation Science Program adjudicates these awards in April of each year. Students wishing to receive travel award funding must submit an application to the Graduate Assistant each year. Normally awards range between $300 and $500.

Student Experience Fund: Upon application, the School of Rehabilitation Therapy will review requests for additional funding to support student travel to conferences and symposia.