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Frequently Asked Questions

The DSc (RHL) is a professional program designed to allow students to continue working throughout their studies.  While funding packages are not provided to students, all applicants are automatically considered for entrance scholarships specific to the program and are encouraged to seek external funding (including employer support).

To know more about the eligibility, application procedures, logistics, etc. contact Gerri Lyman, Graduate Assistant,

As soon as applications are complete (i.e., all documents received including transcripts and reference letters), they are put into an internal program review process. In some cases, early offers of admission may be sent to qualified candidates before the deadline of January 15 each year. However, fewer than half of the available positions are filled early. Therefore, please know that if your application is completed before the deadline and you do not receive an early offer of admission, you still may receive one after all applications have been reviewed.

A DSc RHL class is between 10 and 12 students.