Primary care and community rehabilitation

A significant focus of research in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy is on the issues of people with disabilities in a variety of community health setting, especially primary care and community rehabilitation. This research theme spans topics such as:

  • Long-term health issues of people with disabilities
  • Self-management strategies for disability and secondary conditions
  • Models of rehabilitation in primary care and community health
  • Inter-professional practice in primary care and community rehabilitation.

To date, there has been a particular focus on neurological conditions, such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and stroke, chronic disease and pain.

These are our current projects that sit under this theme. Click on the link to Faculty involved to find out more about each project:

Research Project Title

Faculty involved

NeuroDevelopmental Disabilities and the Social Determinants of Health Nora Fayed
Integrating Rehabilitation Priniciples into Interdisclinary Self-Management - A Health Strategy for Chronic Disease and Aging Catherine Donnelly
Building capacity for MS self-management research and knowledge translation Marcia Finlayson,
Nandini Deshpande,
Simon French
Evaluation of the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) model for pain and opioid stewardship in Ontario Simon French
Improving the primary care management of low back pain: a feasibility study. Simon French,
Kathleen Norman
Improving primary care management of people with complex low back pain: a feasibility study using the STarT Back tool to guide physiotherapy management in Ontario Simon French,
Kathleen Norman
Development and validation of a self-management measure for adults with multiple sclerosis Setareh Ghahari
Wait times for home-based rehabilitation in Ontario Mary Ann McColl
Actionable Nuggets designed for family physicians to improve the clinical management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Mary Ann McColl
The Scope of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care Catherine Donnelly
Working together for Compassionate Person-Centered Mental Health Services in Rural Primary Care Communities Catherine Donnelly
Interprofessional Spasticity Clinic: Implementaion and Evaluation Catherine Donnelly
Development and Evaluation of an Interprofessional Spasticity Clinic Catherine Donnelly
Chronic Pain Management in Primary Care: The Role of Physical Med and rehab Catherine Donnelly
Queen's University Chiropractic PBRN (QCPBRN): helping chiropractors and chiropractic
academics to work closer together to improve quality of patient care
Simon French
Research and Evidence-informed Practice within a Nova Scotian Chiropractic PBRN:
Implementing Biopsychosocial Assessment for Low Back Pain
Simon French
The Greater Vancouver-Fraser Valley Practice Based Research Network:
Engagin grassroots chiropractic in the enterprise of knowledge implementation
and related research
Simon French
Multidimensional Outcomes in primary Care: Implementation Catherine Donnelly
Establishing Occupational Therapy Performance Indicators in a Primary care Setting Catherine Donnelly
A longitudinal, multi-method investigation of transitions into nursing homes among people with multiple sclerosis Marcia Finlayson
Supporting Community Integration in Neuro-rehabilitation Catherine Donnelly
Evaluation of clinical guidelines for radiography in chiropractic practice Simon French
Culturally sensitive pain assessment in physical therapy Kathleen Norman
Implementation and evaluation of an integrated chiropractic service into the Canadian Forces health services Simon French
Exploring the relationship between early cognitive screening and function in acute stroke practice Catherine Donnelly
Behavioural Modification in Cardiac Rehabilitation: An Interprofessional Hybrid Counselling Approach to Nutritional Outcomes Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
Group Hybrid Counselling in Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Phenomenological Study Diana Hopkins-Rosseel,
Trisha Parsons
Validity and reliability of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (CRCSQ) Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
The Effects of Exercise on Memory and Cognition: A Question of Dosage Diana Hopkins-Rosseel
The Effects of Exercise on Sleep Patterns and Outcomes Diana Hopkins-Rosseel