Application & Admission Information

Application Deadline for M.Sc. and G.Dip: April 1, 2018
Application Deadline for the Ph.D.: February 15, 2018

A non-refundable application fee of $105 in Canadian funds is payable upon submission of the application. All applications are submitted through the School of Graduate Studies online application site (see the link below).

Admission Prerequisites:
A minimum of B+ average from any four year undergraduate degree program or equivalent.  For admission to the PhD, applicants must have a master's degree in a related discipline.  

Two (2) copies of each previous and/or current transcript should be mailed to the School of Graduate Studies.

Two (2) references are required. At least one (1) academic reference is required for students who have graduated from university less than five years prior to application. Applicants who have graduated more than five years prior to application may submit professional references. Referees should be either previous or current supervisors (professional or academic). 

A current CV is to be sent by email to the Program Assistant. PhD applicants are asked to also submit a Letter of Intent to the Program Assistant.

Upon submission of an application, the referees listed in the application automatically receive an email, which contains a link to the online reference form for that application. Therefore, hard copy reference letters are not required. If a referee prefers to submit a hard copy reference form or cannot submit online due to technical issues, the reference must be placed in a sealed envelope with the referee's signature on the seal and mailed to the School of Graduate Studies.

The link to apply can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website: APPLY

For further information please contact:

Martina McAllsiter
Graduate Assistant, Emerging Programs
School of Rehabilitation Therapy 
Queen’s University 
613-533-6000 ext. 75302