Dr. Terry Krupa

Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Sc.(OT) (University of Toronto)

Currently accepting M.Sc. students in these areas:
  • Disability related to mental illness
  • Employment/productivity and mental illness
  • Social business
  • Time use/activity health and mental illness

Dr. Terry Krupa Contact information:

Louise D. Acton Building, Room 217
Internal telephone extension: 36236
External telephone: 613-533-6236
e-mail: krupat@queensu.ca


I am a researcher in the Disability and Wellness in the Community stream in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. My research has focused on how to best enable the full occupational and community participation of people with mental illness. This has included the study of the lived experience of people with mental illness in important domains of daily life - work, school, home and family, social contacts. It has also included the study of models and approaches developed to enable participation. More recently I have been involved in the development and testing of new interventions, and in the development of approaches to prevent disability and social marginalization.


My teaching includes a graduate course in qualitative research methods, and a course on the psychoemotional determinants of occupation. I also contribute as a guest lecturer in several courses in the School and serve as a supervisor for several masters and PhD students.

Links to Research Reports:

Lysaght, R. & Krupa, T (2011). Social business: Advancing the viability of a model for economic and occupational justice for people with disabilities. Project Final Report, Phase 1. March 2011.


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