Dr. Elsie Culham

MClSc (PT), PhD
Professor Emerita

Dr. Elsie Culham Contact information:

Louise D. Acton Building, Room 233
Internal telephone extension: 36727 
External telephone: 613-533-6727
e-mail: elsie.culham@queensu.ca

Research focuses on the study of postural control and neuromuscular parameters involved in the maintenance of balance, the effect of aging and disease on postural control and the prevention of falls in seniors.

My teaching responsibilities in the entry-level Physical Therapy Program include the study of aging and physical therapy evaluation and intervention in conditions common in older adults, physical therapy application following major limb amputation and burn injury. Courses taught in the rehabilitation science graduate program include Issues in Aging and Motor Performance in Rehabilitation.

Journal Articles in Refereed Journal (Published, or In Press):

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