Dr. Cheryl King-VanVlack


Dr. Cheryl King-VanVlack Contact information:
Louise D. Acton Building, Room 208
Internal telephone extension: 36341
External telephone: 613-533-6341
e-mail: kingce@queensu.ca

Current research focuses on exercise interventions in populations with chronic conditions.  One line of investigation includes the examination of the effects of intra-dialytic exercise on physical function, cardiovascular function and well-being in individuals with renal failure.  The other major area of investigation examines the influence of community-based self-management program (education and exercise) on physical function, pain intensity, pain catastrophising, depression and pain self-efficacy in individuals with chronic pain.

On Sabbatical: July 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016
Scheduled Retirement: June 30, 2017

Recent Publications:

Parsons, T.L., and C.E. King-VanVlack. Exercise and end-stage kidney disease: functional exercise capacity and cardiovascular outcomes. Adv. Chronic Kidney Dis. 16:459-481, 2009.

Dubin, R., and C.E. King-VanVlack. The trajectory of chronic pain: Can a community-based exercise/education program soften the ride? Pain Res. Manag. 15:361-368, 2010.


MScPT Program:

  • Cardiorespiratory Function I & II (hypoxia, exercise prescription, exercise physiology)
  • Gerontology (exercise responses, effects of exercise training, exercise prescription in the elderly.
  • Research Project (supervise research proposals and research projects)
Rehabilitation Science Program:

  • Research Methods I (quantitative methodology)
  • Exercise Rehabilitation (intent of exercise prescription and outcomes in populations with chronic conditions)
  • Reliability and Validity