50th Anniversary

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In 2017, the School of Rehabilitation Therapy celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

Since its establishment in 1967, the School of Rehabilitation Therapy has been growing and evolving to meet the needs of the Kingston community and beyond. For five decades, the School’s graduates, students, faculty and staff have contributed to the everyday lives of individuals and communities across the globe.  In recognition of these accomplishments, the School, along with a dedicated group of alumni volunteers, is planning a variety of celebratory activities including a Gala Event, a Speaker Series, and an Alumni Profile project. 

As momentum grows, the year ahead promises to be an exciting time for the School, full of opportunities to bring together alumni, students, faculty and staff, both in celebration and in reflection on their collective achievements over the past five decades.

Anyone interested in getting in touch with the School regarding any element of the 50th Anniversary is encouraged to contact Cheryl Descent, 50th Anniversary Coordinator, via email:  cheryl.descent@queensu.ca or by phone: 613.533.3112.

Memorabilia/Artifacts: We are collecting personal stories and memorabilia/artifacts to have on permanent or temporary display or as part of a video presentation. Do you have any of the following items you would be willing to provide: photos (with consent), clothing (t-shirts, scarves, early forms of professional uniforms, etc.), BEWIC Sports Days or WAG items, old text books, early forms of diagnostic/treatment equipment, or other historic or memorable paraphernalia? Please contact: Cheryl Descent at cheryl.descent@queensu.ca or at 613-533-3112.

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