International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation (ICACBR)

ICACBR Personnel

Dr. Heather Aldersey
Director - Access to Health and Education for all Children and Youth with Disabilities in Bangladesh (AHEAD).

Heather Aldersey Dr. Aldersey's research program focuses on the social construction of disability across cultures, support for people with disabilities and their families, public policy, family innovation, and family quality of life. Within this program, she has particularly focused on experiences of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in African contexts. The ultimate goal of Dr. Aldersey's scholarship is to draw upon local strengths and capabilities to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families globally.

Beth Richan, MSc (RHBS)
Project Manager - Access to Health and Education for all Children and Youth with Disabilities in Bangladesh (AHEAD).

Beth Richan Beth has been part of the ICACBR team since 1998 and has degrees in Rehabilitation Sciences (Queen's), Education (Toronto) and History/Anthropology (Regina). After ten years in public education, Beth joined the Social Program Evaluation Group (SPEG) at Queen's Faculty of Education developing multidisciplinary and interprofessional programs, collaborating on multimedia curriculum units for Ontario schools and working on projects in partnership with provincial and federal government ministries. She also spent time with the Arthritis Community Research & Evaluation Unit (ACREU), University of Toronto. Since joining ICACBR, Beth has been involved in community development programs that focus on Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and disability in countries that include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Slovakia, Latvia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Her interest is in CBR and disability with her thesis research based in Sarajevo, BiH where she examined factors that influenced post-conflict community integration of persons with disability as perceived by persons with disability. Beth's experience is in coordination, management and delivery of education and health sector programs to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations, primarily those living with disabilities. Currently she is project manager of the five year Access to Health and Education for All Children and Youth with Disabilities (AHEAD) project in Bangladesh. Beth also coordinates the Centre's online non-credit certificate program and is Program Director for the Queen's Bader International Study Centre Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability program located in East Sussex UK.  

Zannatin Tazreen
Project Officer- Access to Heath and Education for all Children and Youth with Disabilities in Bangladesh (AHEAD).

Zannatin Tazreen Zannatin has worked as a teacher in Bangladesh and Oman. She is passionate about working in the disability sector. She is a native of Bangladesh, where disability is considered a social stigma. She has a strong belief that the people with disabilities have tremendous potential to contribute to the society if they are given proper support and assistance. Recently, she has joined as the project officer of the five-year AHEAD project in Bangladesh. Her key responsibilities include coordinating on-line certificate program and managing HR data and file management.