International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation (ICACBR)

About the Centre

ICACBR is a group of comprehensive international network of educators, researchers and service providers. Drawing on this ever-growing resource, ICACBR provides:

  • educational services, including preparing interprofessional teams and community workers to work in a CBR environment; mainstreaming disability by creating programs that focus on disability prevention, inclusive education and management;  advising educational institutions on the development of rehabilitation programs; conducting symposia on topical CBR issues; and offering a CBR reference centre; 
  • strategic planning, in disability issues and CBR, including needs assessment; recommendation of technology that is appropriate socially, culturally and economically; training; and, evaluation;
  • research and education, including particular efforts in identifying core characteristics of CBR; the study of disability attitudes, beliefs and behaviours; the role of women as care-givers; the relationship between CBR and institution-based rehabilitation; policy studies; outcomes measures for CBR; instrument development; and evaluating the effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and applicability of CBR; 
  • appropriate technology, including the planning, design, and testing of innovative, low-cost technologies which build on existing resources;
  • policy development and advocacy, including publications and papers about CBR; advising governments and agencies on policy development; encouraging the implementation of CBR internationally; advocating mainstreaming disability and inclusion of disability into Millennium Development Goals (MDG);
  • offer interprofessional online continuing education program

ICACBR provides interprofessional technical and management services to governments, non-governmental agencies, universities and community groups.

The Centre sets high standards of professionalism. Mutual respect, cultural understanding and creativity are key to the Centre's success. All work is focused on transferring skills, building local expertise and creating an environment of possibility .