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Appeal of an Assigned Grade in a Graduate Course

(Approved by Academic Council January 17, 2013)

applicable to students in the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Science programs of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy.

The relevant regulation of the School of Graduate Studies (, requires that all graduate programs have a procedure whereby any graduate students wishing clarification about, or who are dissatisfied with, an assigned grade in a graduate course can appeal that grade.

Note that these procedures apply only to assigned grades or related academic decisions that do not result in failure of a course or a recommendation that students be required to withdraw from their program.

The specific procedures for students in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy are provided below.

Note: Throughout this document, 1 week = 5 work days; 2 weeks = 10 work days.


  1. Students who wish clarification about or who are dissatisfied with a specific course grade or an academic decision in a course should first discuss the matter with the instructor. The instructor will review the grade or decision in question. The discussion and review should be done within two (2) weeks of receiving the grade or decision. The instructor will document the discussion and its outcome in the students' file. Students will be given a copy of this documentation for their records. If the instructor agrees to change a grade or a change in academic decision, the appropriate forms will be completed (e.g., a change of grade form).

  2. If the instructor confirms the original grade or academic decision, and if students are still dissatisfied, they can submit a formal written appeal to the Chair of their Program for an internal review. This written appeal must clearly state the grounds on which the grade or academic decision should be altered. If the Program Chair believes the grounds to be reasonable, then the Program Chair should initiate a review of the grade. In cases where the instructor involved in the appeal is the Program Chair, students should submit their written appeal to the Director of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, who will initiate the internal review process. All internal reviews will be conducted by the Student Progress and Awards Committee appropriate to the students' program (i.e., Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Rehabilitation Sciences). In the event that the Chair of the committee is the instructor, the Director of the School of the Rehabilitation Therapy will chair the relevant portion of the meeting.

  3. Students who remain dissatisfied with their grade or academic decision in a course after the decision of the internal review process is complete should consult the SGS policy on Appeal of a Grade in a Graduate Course at Students should note that Steps #1 and #2 of the SGS policy are already enacted by items "1" and "2" above because Program Chair is synonymous with Graduate Coordinator for each of the School's Programs.